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With cyber attacks at an all-time high, Security Awareness Training (SAT) is becoming a default feature in a CISO’s playbook. With good reason too. Research from the Global Cyber Security Centre affirms the indisputable importance of training in mitigating security risk.

Furthermore, the shift to the remote and hybrid workplace has presented new opportunities to hackers as they look to exploit weaknesses brought about by unfamiliar work practices, multiple and BYOD devices, and most importantly the busy day-to-day lives of our employees. According to email receiving statistics, the average person receives over 100 emails per day (Earthweb) and with human error the main cause of 85% of cyber security breaches (IBM) you can see why email is the number one threat vector.

Now, each team member has a part to play in your organisation’s security. While everyone’s knowledge is not at the same level, meaning some employees are higher risk of breach than others. So its important that you choose a SAT service that uses behavioural, role and data driven approaches to deliver the training to those who need it most and in a timely fashion.

Join SAT experts from TitanHQ and CommSec and we explore why a one size fits all approach to SAT is no longer fit for purpose.


  • Find out about the latest threats and risks to your organisation including phishing scams, MitM attacks, BEC and data loss prevention
  • Understand how the remote and hybrid workplaces can leave the door to hackers
  • Understand how you can tailor SAT for your organisation and the difference levels of security knowledge
  • Find out how SAT can deliver training to those that need it most and at the right time
  • Find out how a managed SAT programme can provide ROI for management


Thursday the 28th of July at 12pm to 12.45pm. Don’t worry if you cannot make the live webcast, all registered attendees will receive a recording after the event. 


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Nick Wilding
Chief Innovation Officer, SafeTitan

Ciaran Hayes
Solutions Manager, CommSec