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Data Security Solutions

Your data is secure, but can you prove it? If you can’t, your company could face fines, negative press and loss of business.

Let us help you.

Keep your data safe and your business compliant!

We help you:

  • Stop sensitive data from being moved off the network
  • Secure your vital information against loss
  • Enforce policies faster
  • Keep track of your compliance status
  • Run compliance checks as needed

We know what it takes to protect data and meet regulatory requirements. We can help you to protect, control and monitor your network. And our products are simple to manage so you can focus on what’s important — your business.


Protecting data is the key to compliance. Whether it’s a sensitive email sent to the wrong person or a laptop left in a cab, we give you what you need to keep data safe:

  • Encryption makes it easy to securely share and take data anywhere.
  • Content scanning warns employees when they try to move sensitive data to email, IM or storage devices.
  • Application control stops employees from running software, like P2P software, that puts your data at risk.
  • Device control prevents employees from copying data to unknown devices like USB keys or CDs.


You have security measures in place and written policies to protect your data. But are employees following the rules? We can help you keep track of what employees are trying to run on their computers and block anything you don’t want. We also check computers to make sure they meet your security requirements and, if not, keep them off the network until they do.


Compliance doesn’t have to be difficult. We provide a wide range of lists of data types and compliance checks so you can get started quickly. Simply choose what you want to protect and roll the policy out to keep employees and data safe — it only takes a few clicks.


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