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Telephony Consultancy

  • Commercial Savings –  CommSec look into the most affordable solutions for your IT projects for you and provide you with a competitive edge.
  • Telecommunication Rationalisation – Often, as organisations grow so too do their telephony requirements. This has the knock on effect of the amount of telephone lines people order and then neglect to cancel the ones not in use. Our team will assist your organisation on identifying the services to cancel and re-organising them with more efficient systems or line.
  • Consolidation – CommSec can assist your team with consolidating services both on telephony and your IT environment. We can assist with reviewing the architecture to ensure it si still fit for purpose and efficient.
  • Procurement Strategy and Advisory Services – As we have a broad range of skills across multiple vendors, we can assist your organisation in determining the most efficient method of making savings without compromising on quality and class of service.
  • Insight into Voice & Data Vendors
  • Avaya / Cisco / Ericsson / Mitel/ Grandstream/ PolyCom: CommSec have experience in installing and configuring all of these products
  • Fixed & Mobile Specialist delivering tangible savings
  • Telecom Vendor Management – Our vast experience in Telecommunications allows us to manage your telecom vendor/s by:
    • Determining gaps and overlaps for VM tasks/activities
    • Understanding organizational skills to manage vendors and where they exist in the enterprise.
    • Articulating to vendors how we will manage them, starting with the RFP
    • Reducing risk when using vendors, especially those supporting critical business applications and processes
  • Project Delivery & Assurance – CommSec will always monitor the progress of any given project so we are able to provide a clear indication of the status to the client.
  • Solution Architecture & Design Assurance – We will assist in the translation of requirements into a solution vision, system specification and a portfolio of implementation tasks. Additionally, CommSec will Execute the appropriate controls to assure the design has been completed according to stated policies and standards as well as assuring the necessary outputs have been completed.
  • Fit for Purpose evaluations – CommSec will scrutinise vendor suggestions to ensure that it is good enough to do the job it was supposed to do.
  • License Management – We will help control and document where and how the telecoms products are able to run in order to enforce and ensure End User Licence Agreements
  • Procurement Strategies – We will ensure that the long-range plans for timely supply of telecoms that are critical to the clients ability to meet its core business objectives
  • RFX Development – CommSec will liaise with the client to gather information, and manage the RFP process.
  • Negotiations – Our extensive knowledge of the telecoms industry and comprehensive list of technical and business specification help us quickly:
    • Create an inventory of your vendors and services across your locations
    • Identify your current telecom requirements and future needs
    • Outline services and current cost details to be included in the RFP
    • Take advantage of current technologies and networking trends


  • Governance – Our experience with multinationals and large corporations will ensure that the telecoms experience is in line with the vision of the organisation.
  • SLA – CommSec will provide a service level agreement with the client and adhere to it
  • Benchmarking advice – CommSec will provide advice by comparing telecom activities and processes to that of the clients competitors and rivals where required

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