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TOCO Call Collect – Mobile Electronic Forms (E-Forms)

Mobile Electronic Data Forms(E-Forms)


Call Collect is an innovative mobile data collection application and is revolutionising the way that field data is collected. Furthermore in today’s world it has rarely been more important to reduce operating costs and maximise efficiencies; Call Collect Delivers!


E-Forms are the name Call Collect gives to its user created data collection forms. Each E-form will have associated with it one or more questions. Each question is assigned a data type and may have validation and formatting if required. Question validation ensures that required questions are answered and that the data collected is accurate and correct. Question formatting allows text, lines and page breaks to be inserted above and below questions to assist the user when completing an E-Form. E-Forms can be created and tailored to cover any eventuality the clients may encounter.

E-Form Triggers

Triggers may be configured in an E-Form. This mechanism hides or displays questions based on the response the user inputs to other questions. This allows the creator of an E-Form to control the navigation of that E-Form when it is deployed in the field.

Data Transfer

The Data Transfer process is executed when a Call Collect Mobile User initiates the process. It may also be initiated automatically each time an E-Form is saved. During a data Transfer only new and/or updated data relevant to the specific Call Collect User is transferred.Call Collect Mobile Users have a variety of methods of establishing a connection in order to transfer captured data. The majority of Call Collect users today utilise smart device with 3G connectivity to perform the data transfer. As The Client application operates natively as an off-line system which allows users complete functionality when connectivity is not available, the stability of 3G coverage is not an issue. The Data Transfer process can simply be conducted when a suitable 3G connection is available.

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