Security Assessment Audits

CommSec computer security audits are complete assessments of your critical systems and applications. We focus on the people, processes, procedures and technology to ensure that a complete review identifies any threats, and makes recommendations on how to minimize or eliminate any potential risks to the security of your organisation.

Our Security Assessment Audits Include:

  • Staff interviews – despite the rise in online questionnaires and surveys – face to face interviews still remain a popular data collection technique and have many advantages.
  • Vulnerability scans – security technique used to identify security weaknesses in a computer system. It can be used by individuals or network administrators for security purposes, or it can be used by hackers attempting to gain unauthorised access to computer systems.
  • Review of applications and operating system access controls.
  • Analyzing physical access to the systems – Determine whether the controls in place are sufficient to:
      • Delay an intruder
      • Detect an intruder
      • Result in the apprehension of an intruder

Without these controls, a criminal doesn’t have to break through a firewall or intrusion prevention system to get to your data.

  • System generated audit reports – Compare report for completeness and accuracy against data/information independent of the computer system.
  • The use of software to monitor and report changes to files and settings on a system.

Our security consultants are experts in their fields and have the experience gained through years of providing these services to many “blue chip” organisations. At CommSec IT Security is not just a once off assignment it is a way of working that is ingrained in our DNA.


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