Security Suites

Our Complete Security Suite includes:

Our security suite protects you everywhere, from your network, to your servers, endpoints and mobile devices. And, because it’s all from Sophos, it works better together. And it’s backed by a vendor you trust. Even better, it’s so simple to use you’ll actually turn it on—delivering best protection that saves you time and money.

  • Web protection that combines the best of our endpoint, cloud and gateway to protect users
  • Encryption deployed and managed from our antivirus console
  • Consistent DLP policies across email and endpoint
  • Mobile security for your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile devices
  • Our SophosLabs analysts constantly monitor and fine-tune detection for you—keeping an eye on websites to avoid, threats, spam and more
  • One vendor to call for 24/7 expert certified support


  • Antivirus protection for all the platforms you need
  • Control applications, devices and computers on your network
  • Malicious and inappropriate website filtering, and built-in web malware scanning
  • Integrated DLP and patch assessment is part of the package
  • Simplified, automated security management


  • Protect your data with our proven full-disk encryption technology
  • Easily deploy and manage encryption within your Endpoint console
  • Fast initial encryption algorithms save you time when you first encrypt your computer’s hard drives
  • Single sign-on and local self-help for password recovery make encryption simple
  • Quickly and easily encrypt files, email attachments and files saved to USB sticks (PrivateCrypto)


  • Allows remote lock or wipe in case of loss or theft
  • Controls which devices can access company email
  • Manages, deploys and removes installed apps
  • Self-service portal that’s simple to use


  • We’ve got you covered against spam, malware and data loss
  • Protect your sensitive email with integrated encryption
  • Configurable policies help you control email use and ensure compliance
  • Antivirus and anti-spam protection for your Microsoft Exchange servers


  • Provides advanced web threat protection, URL filtering and content control
  • Detects and blocks anonymizing proxy abuse
  • Filters encrypted HTTPS traffic
  • Protects users everywhere they go, on the network or off

No IT specialists? Our small business solutions are tailored for companies with fewer than 100 employees.


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