Founded in 2013, CommSec was established to address the growing numbers of cybercrime by offering affordable cyber security services to SMEs, NGOs, and state-run organisations.  CommSec provides managed cybersecurity services to identify, protect, prevent, detect, analyse cyber risks and threats. Using the latest leading-edge technologies, CommSec provides high-class cyber security management supported with expert analysis and action to reduce the risk that cybercrime costs.

Using CheckScan+, our world-class vulnerability scanning platform, we identify security vulnerabilities in applications, website and IT infrastructure. This helps our clients stay secure and offer their customers peace of mind.

We have partnered with the best of IT security software vendors to bring our clients proven and trusted solutions they can add to their security stacks. See a list of our security partners here.

Our Cyber Security Services

CommSec provide specialised B2B cyber security services and solutions including: 

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) as a Service
  • Security Operations Centre (SOC) as a Service
  • Cyber Security Consulting
  • ISO27001 Assessments and Implementation Services
  • Cyber Essentials Assessments and Implementation Services
  • Penetration Testing
  • Digital Forensics Investigations
  • Incident Response
  • Programme & Project Management
  • Security Awareness Training. 
  • Vulnerability Scanning. 
  • Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM). 
  • Identity and Access Management. 
  • Malware Protection. 
  • Patch Management. 
  • Security Awareness Training Platform. 
  • Firewalls & IPS/IDS. 

Our Customers

CommSec have successfully conducted many projects in the private and public sectors within the last year. Our engagement and projects can range in duration from 1 – 2 days, to several months. Our customers range from professional service providers (e.g. accountants and solicitors) to financial institutions, software development companies, logistics providers, regulatory bodies and charities.

CommSec is one of a few cyber security providers in Ireland who help organisation to proactively defend themselves, their people and their digital assets. From cloud to on-premises to mobile devices, CommSec offer secure protection for web applications and infrastructure that people rely on in their day to day operations.

Accreditations & Partnerships