Overview: CISO as a Service

The primary goal of a CISO as a Service is to help organisations improve their security posture and protect their sensitive data from cyber threats. This is achieved by working closely with other departments and stakeholders within the organisation, such as IT, HR and compliance teams, to ensure that security measures are integrated into all aspects of the business.

CISO as a Service provides an experienced security professional who can provide expert guidance and support to organisations of all sizes, particularly those that may not have the budget or resources to hire a full-time CISO.

David McNamara, CEO CommSec

What does the CISO do for you?

Achieving and maintaining compliance with industry specific data security standards and general compliance standards like GDPR, can place an additional burden on your business. However, remaining compliant with data protection laws and best practises is essential for any organisation. We offer a broad range of services which help you achieve security and data protection compliance. We can work with you wherever you are on the journey to achieving compliance.

A CISO provides offer a range of services, including but not limited to:

  • Developing and implementing security strategies and policies
  • Conducting risk assessments
  • Managing security incidents
  • Overseeing incident response and disaster recovery planning
  • Providing guidance on compliance with relevant regulations and standards
  • Offering training and awareness programs for employees
  • Providing access to a team of security experts

Use Cases – why you may need a CISO as a Service?

Use Case #1: Maturing IT Security Strategy

You may already have achieved some compliance or quality standards and you need to build on that to meet new obligations or meet more sophisticated threats to your business.

Use Case #2: Little or No IT Security Strategy

On the other hand, you may have very little in-house knowledge around security and compliance. In that case we can provide you with a fully managed program of building the systems and processes in your business to become compliant with GDPR and other regulations that may affect you, such as PCI DSS and the Public Service Cybersecurity Baseline Standard (NCSC).

Use Case #3: The Need for a Part-time CISO

This is a great option for when there isn’t a full-time requirement for a CISO. Our CISO as a Service gives you access to a very experienced CISO on a long-term continuous basis, but at a level of engagement you can afford. The flexibility of the service means you can pay for what you need to meet your requirements at different times.

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CISO as a Service – Gaining Compliance

To become compliant – we need to look at your entire business and how it manages data. IT security is only one part of this process. We look at all the information assets in your business – what security technology and data protection processes if any, you have in place, then perform a standards-based risk evaluation and gap analysis.

The outcome of this risk assessment is a clear picture of where your major risk areas and vulnerabilities lie.

This allows us to design a solution for your business processes and technology to achieve compliance with GDPR and alignment with (or certification to) security standards such as ISO27001:2022.

Why CommSec?

CommSec offer CISO as a Service to cover a broad range of scenarios in relation relation to Information Security and Cybersecurity for your organisation. Our highly experienced and qualified CISOs have many years of experience working as CISOs, DPOs and in other senior IT security roles.

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What is a CISO?

A CISO, or Chief Information Security Officer, is a senior executive responsible for the overall information security strategy of an organisation. The CISO is responsible for identifying, assessing, and managing information security risks, developing policies and procedures to protect the organisation’s information assets, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

The CISO is also responsible for leading the organisation’s response to cyber threats and incidents, and for educating employees on information security best practices. The CISO reports directly to the CEO or another high-ranking executive, and works closely with other senior leaders to align the organization’s security strategy with its business goals.

What is a CISO as a Service?

A CISO as a Service,  or Virtual CISO, is a type of service that provides organisations with access to a virtual or part-time CISO who can help them develop, implement, and maintain an effective cybersecurity strategy.

The CISO would work closely with the organisation to oversee the organisation’s security program. This includes overseeing security assessments, identifying and mitigating potential security threats, developing security policies and procedures, and implementing security technologies.

Why is having a Part-time CISO a good idea?

Having a part-time CISO can be a good idea for several reasons:

  1. Cost Savings: A full-time CISO can be expensive, especially for smaller organisations with limited resources. A part-time CISO can provide the necessary expertise and guidance at a lower cost.

  2. Flexibility: A part-time CISO can work on an as-needed basis, allowing organisations to ramp up or scale back their security needs as necessary. This can be particularly useful for organisations that do not require a full-time CISO but still need the expertise and guidance of a security professional.

  3. Specialised Expertise: A part-time CISO can bring specialized expertise to an organisation, such as experience in a particular industry or with a specific type of security threat. This can be valuable for organisations that may not have the expertise in-house.

  4. Access to Resources: A part-time CISO can provide access to resources that may not be otherwise available to the organisation, such as specialised security tools or a network of security professionals.

How long does a CISO as a Service last for?

CISO as a Service is best suited to a rolling partnership over time so that the CISO can understand the business, the goals, the security posture and to  implement their recommendations. Furthermore, the security landscape is dynamic and evolves over time, having a CISO in place will help keep the business and IT team up to date as things change.


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