New Live Webinar: Exploiting the Impossible

Detecting a vulnerability is one thing, exploiting it is another. The true severity of a vulnerability may not be appreciated (i.e. taken seriously) until someone sees their private data being rinsed out before their very eyes.  

In this educational webinar, we build up an understanding of various exploitation techniques, working from more basic to more exotic scenarios, sparing no detail whilst remaining accessible to non-technical audiences.

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Security Awareness Training


The shift to the remote and hybrid workplace has presented new opportunities to hackers as they look to exploit weaknesses brought about by unfamiliar work practices, multiple and BYOD devices, and most importantly the busy day-to-day lives of our employees.

Today, each team member plays a part in your organisation’s security. While everyone’s knowledge is not at the same level, some employees are at higher risk of breach than others. Therefore you must choose a Security Awareness Training (SAT) programme that uses a knowledge and role based approach to deliver the training to those who need it the most.

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The Problem With Passwords


A telling statistic in Cyber Security is that approximately 80% of cyber breaches can be avoided by practising good password hygiene. We see this every year as the same passwords are used again and again, across multiple accounts.

As we continue with our authentication series of on-demand webinars, we bring you a password management webinar highlighting the common pitfalls of passwords, why they are a weak link, and some best practices to manage passwords for your organisation.

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hidden threats of the dark web


With cybercrime incidents at an all-time high, one of the greatest threats to your organisation is from hackers and their activity on the Dark Web. Hackers buy and sell digital credentials on the Dark Web in order to hide their activities, which means attacks can happen to anyone at any time. As hackers evolve their techniques and attack vectors, smart organisations are staying ahead of the curve by monitoring what’s going on behind the scenes on the Dark Web to actively stem threats before they happen. ‍

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Passwordless - The future of Authenication


Love them or hate them, passwords have been around for a long time and are a critical area in cyber security. Credentials, such as logins and passwords, are the root cause of many breaches and can open the door to the crown jewels of any business. Our expert speakers take a deep dive into the humble password and discusses what a passwordless future looks like.

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