What is Digital Forensics?

Digital Forensics is a branch of forensic science that focuses on identifying, acquiring, processing, analysing and reporting on data stored on a computer, digital devices or other digital storage media.

What is covered by the CommSec Digital Forensics Service?

CommSec provide a suite of advanced Digital Forensics services, headed up by Colm Gallagher, a Cyber Forensics expert with 30 years experience in An Garda Siochana before establishing the Digital Forensics practice of CommSec. The primary areas we cover are:

  • Desktop and Laptop Analysis
  • Identification and Securing of Digital Evidence
  • Mobile Device Analysis
  • Data Recovery
  • Breach Analysis
  • Incident Investigation
  • Cloud Investigation
  • Email Analysis
  • Internet History Analysis

What are the main business use cases for Digital Forensics?

For most organisations, the use cases for Digital Forensics in business are:

Incident Response and Damage Control

What happened? When, and for how long, did it happen? How exactly did it happen? What is the extent, or limit, of business exposure?

Internal Investigations

Policy violations, intellectual property theft, fraud, sexual harassment. Forensic methods may be the only way to determine the truth. Use of non-forensic methods exposes business to failure in any subsequent proceedings.

Data Recovery

Forensic methods and equipment can be used in order to try recover data in cases where the cause is not physical failure of equipment. Typically used where human error is cause of data loss.

Securing Evidence

Forensic methods may be used in order to properly secure potential evidence where legal proceedings or full investigation are being considered. If an eDiscovery process is anticipated, evidence can be identified and secured forensically for later use in that event.

In All Cases

Get professional advice early! Mistakes made at the beginning of the process can be very costly indeed!

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Please be aware that while CommSec is dedicated to combating all forms of cybercrime, our services are primarily for businesses and organisations. Occasionally, we may assist individuals, but only through their legal representation.

CommSec’s Approach to Digital Forensics



Profile: Colm Gallagher, Digital Forensics Director at CommSec

The Digital Forensics practice of CommSec is led by Colm Gallagher.

Colm is a highly experienced, former police detective with a wide range of experience in the security and investigations industry. Before joining CommSec, Colm spent 30 years in An Garda Síochána(the Irish police force) where he held a number of roles as a detective police officer, including Digital Forensic Analyst and Cyber Crime Investigator.

Colm is highly skilled in the following: computer forensics, cyber-crime investigation, prosecution and expert testimony in criminal cases, case management, systems administration, implementation and configuration of endpoint protection and backup/restore systems, Linux and Windows server administration.

Colm also has a strong IT and security education background with a 1stclass honours master’s degree in forensic computing and cyber-crime investigation from University College Dublin. He also holds a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner certification from IACIS.

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