What is DRP?

Digital Risk Protection (DRP) is an essential extension to your conventional network security. It gives CommSec, your managed security service provider the intelligence to prioritise your cyber defences where they are needed most, address vulnerabilities before they’re exploited, and respond quickly to limit damage when your data is breached – whether it’s from your organisation or via a third party.

Protect against two kinds of data breaches

Human Error

Your staff or your suppliers and partners can accidentally lose personal data (PII). A misaddressed email or lost laptop incident can happen to any business. Information incorrectly distributed or lost is the biggest cause of PII data breaches in the world.

Malicious Attack

These can take many forms depending on the motivation for targeting your company. Hackers may want to harm your reputation, disrupt operations, or profit financially from attacking your business. Bad actors could even include a former employee holding a grudge. And, even if you have fantastic security and faultless processes, your business can still be at risk of attack through your supply chain.

four types of data to protect


Login details and passwords for any systems used.


Software and infrastructure details that are useful to bad actors planning a cyberattack against you.


Personal information (PII) about your staff, customers or other individuals that work with your organisation.


Business-critical or commercially sensitive data that is necessary to
provide services, run or organise your business.

Benefits of Digital Risk Protection:

  • Safely reveal threats to your data and your business
  • Cybersecurity that looks outside your network
  • Affordable pricing whatever the size of your organisation
  • Many use cases, including Phishing, Typosquatting and Account Takeover
  • No specialist skills are required, it’s web-based and fast to deploy
  • Easy to integrate with existing SOC and SIEM systems

Interested in monitoring the Dark Web for stolen credentials?

Primary Use Cases

Protect your Employees

Employee credential breaches can have dramatic consequences. From spear phishing and social engineering to giving criminals access to critical applications. Discover what you can do to reduce risk.

Protect your Goods and Services

Almost every aspect of your business relies on data in one way or another. Theft of intellectual property and strategic or confidential information can impact your products or services and pose a significant digital risk to your business.

Protect your Infrastructure

Getting vital intelligence can give you early warning signals that bad actors are planning an attack on your infrastructure or targeting devices. Be the first, not last to know. Discover if digital assets are being exploited.

Protect your brand

Typo squatting and impersonation can pose an obvious risk to your brand. But any misinformation or fake news can damage your reputation too. Find out how Digital Risk Protection can help.

Protect Customer Data

Lowering Digital Risk can help you improve customer trust and loyalty. Understand how techniques like breach markers and customer data monitoring can help you identify customer data breaches across your supply chain.

Revenue Threat Protection

Promotion and voucher abuse, payment diversion and service hacks happen. Knowing when and where is key to protecting your business, your revenue and your loyal customers.

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