Threat-led security solutions

Our cyber risk and threat management solution employs a proactive and intelligence-driven approach, providing valuable insights into emerging threats by monitoring and analysing data from various sources. These solutions include:

  • Attack Surface Management
  • Third Party / Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Cyber Risk Ratings
  • Threat Intelligence
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Attack Surface Management

As businesses adopt more technologies, new ways of working and working from home becomes permanent, business are increasingly overwhelmed by an ever increasing attack surface. The challenge for businesses is how can they identify their external attack vectors and understand the risk associated with them?

To address this issue, we combine threat intelligence with machine learning and attack surface scanning tools, to present a threat led view of your attack surface, understanding where am I vulnerable to attack and are there adversaries who would be likely to weaponise those vulnerabilities to attack my business, when and with what methods. This provides businesses with a quantified risk of their attack surface allowing for reliable risk based remediation. This analysis extends to your third-party relationships, enabling you to assess your overall risk portfolio more effectively.


Third-Party Risk Management

As supply chains become more complex and we frequently see businesses suffering a breach due to a third party, the requirement to identify risks within the supply chain is becoming more and more crucial.

The platforms continuous, threat led attack surface approach presents all the organisations you want to monitor with their own security profile, with risk scores, key threats and critical vulnerabilities highlighted. The supply chain is presented in a user-friendly heat map which allows you to quickly identify the organisations posing the highest level of risk. Its also clearly displays the most critical vulnerabilities present in your supply chain, linking them to our intelligence reports and CVE scoring to give context as to why they’re a risk.

By offering this threat-led context, we make it easy for you to collaborate with your third parties and enhance their security. This, in turn, strengthens your own security posture.

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Cyber Risk Ratings

Threat intelligence plays a crucial role in generating more precise cyber risk ratings. These ratings are calculated by considering the threats, vulnerabilities, and the likelihood of exploitation for an organisation.

Cyber Risk Ratings serve as an indicator of an organisation’s level of cyber risk. A higher score implies a greater risk of falling victim to a successful attack.

Our approach aligns with the methods and tools utilized by threat actors. Drawing from our extensive threat intelligence experience, we have insight into their objectives and the exploitations they may attempt. Machine learning, which has undergone peer review, has shown a minimum accuracy of 94% when it comes to predicting future threats.

Furthermore, we employ a manual review process to eliminate any false positives that could artificially inflate the risk score.

Threat Intelligence

Our partner, Orpheus, is a highly regarded cyber threat intelligence company with accreditations from the UK’s Bank of England and the FCA. They have advanced technology that allows them to gather, organize, store, and analyze vast amounts of cyber threat intelligence data from diverse sources, both technical and non-technical.

To provide valuable insights for your organization, we utilize sophisticated technologies, including Machine Learning, alongside our team of expert analysts. This combination ensures that we deliver processed intelligence tailored to your specific needs.

We understand that our customers have varying reporting requirements, and we cater to those needs by offering different levels of access. Whether you require raw threat data, in-depth analyzed threat intelligence reports, or more strategic management-level reporting, we have the flexibility to provide you with the information that best suits your role.

Watch the Video: Threat-led Cyber Risk Management

Orpheus’s Jakob Samuel breaks down Threat-led Cyber Risk Management and how their solutions help customers proactively defend against cyber threats and work towards compliance.

Download the Datasheets (PDF)

Download attack surface management datasheet
Download Third Party Risk Management Datasheet
Download cyber risk ratings datasheet
Download Threat Intelligence datasheet

Who is Orpheus? 

Orpheus is the only UK-government accredited cyber threat intelligence company. Orpheus’ esteemed accreditation as a provider of threat intelligence for Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) organisations in the UK underscores their commitment to delivering top-tier cybersecurity solutions. Their extensive experience and trusted reputation have made them the go-to choose for major organisations worldwide seeking comprehensive insights into the cyber threats they face.

CommSec’s collaboration with them enables us to offer our customers unparalleled visibility of vulnerabilities, cyber risk ratings, advanced threat intelligence, and safeguarding of critical assets with attack surface management.

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