IT Asset Management for a Safer Environment

As organisations increasingly rely on technology to drive their business operations, securing and managing the vast array of devices across IT networks, cloud, IOT and OT has become a top priority.

Having visibility of these devices is critical in ensuring their secure operation, yet it is not always easy to achieve. The challenge lies in the fact that organisations cannot effectively manage what they cannot see. This is why it is essential for organisations to have a comprehensive asset management program in place, to help them stay on top of the security of their devices and keep their networks protected from cyber threats.

CommSec understands the importance of asset management for IT security and provide valuable insights into how organisations can improve their visibility, control devices, and apply remediation where needed.


Gain a unified, multidimensional view of every asset – IT, Cloud, IoT, OT, Edge – including the up to 40% of assets that go unseen, undermanaged, or unsecured.

Contextual Device Intelligence

Enable zero-trust architecture with an AI-powered knowledgebase that learns normal and abnormal behavior from 3 billion managed assets to proactively mitigate threats.

Continuous Agentless Security

Quickly deploy, share real-time asset intelligence, and automate workflows with an agentless security monitoring solution that offers 100+ integrations with security, IT, and asset tools.

Mater Hospital Case Study

Premier Irish Healthcare Provider Closes Security Gaps with Armis


The Armis Platform is the industry’s most comprehensive
asset intelligence platform providing unified asset visibility
and superior security across all asset types, including IT, IoT,
OT, IoMT, Cloud and cellular-IoT, managed or unmanaged.

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Close IT asset inventory
gaps and minimize your
attack surface

To drive innovation and support fast-evolving remote
work needs, enterprises are deploying new assets at
unprecedented rates. And with more assets inside and
outside traditional perimeters than ever, IT and security
teams are struggling to understand and control the growing
attack surface.



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