Passwords are a security nightmare for businesses

Employees often choose weak, easily guessed passwords, reuse them across accounts, or resort to insecure methods like sticky notes. These habits, born out of convenience, create a big opportunity for cybercriminals.

Password Management offers a powerful solution

We eliminate the need for employees to remember and reuse passwords. A Password Manager generates strong, unique passwords and fills them in automatically, saving time and frustration. Secure sharing within teams is easy – authorised users can access shared passwords from any device, anywhere. 

Trusted by CommSec, Keeper is the answer to your password woes.

We use it ourselves, and we are confident it can revolutionise password security for your business too.

Password Manager from Keeper includes the following features:

Feature Description
Encrypted Vault Securely stores your passwords with folder and sub-folder organisation for easy access.
Shared Team Folders Collaborate securely by sharing logins with teammates while maintaining granular access control.
Strong Policy Engine with Enforcement Enforce strong password creation and security best practices to minimise risk.
Built-in, Continuous Security Audit Monitor your password vault for suspicious activity and potential security breaches.
Advanced Activity Reporting & Alert Module Gain insights into user activity and receive alerts for unusual login attempts.
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Add an extra layer of security with various 2FA options like SMS, TOTP, smartwatch, and more.
Single Sign-On (SSO) Simplify logins across applications with SSO via SAML 2.0.
Active Directory and LDAP Sync Synchronise user credentials with your existing directory services for seamless integration.
SCIM and Azure AD Provisioning Automate user provisioning for effortless account management in cloud environments.
Developer APIs Integrate Keeper with your existing systems for password rotation and backend automation.
BreachWatch® by Keeper Monitor the dark web for potential breaches of your exposed credentials.
1TB Secure Storage Store not just passwords, but also secure files and sensitive documents with 1TB of storage.


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Benefits of Password Management

Fortress-Level Security

Strong, unique passwords are the cornerstone of online security. Password managers generate and store these complex passwords for all your business accounts, eliminating the risk of breaches from weak or reused passwords.

Effortless Logins

Gone are the days of struggling to remember countless login details. Password managers streamline access with automatic login features, freeing up employee time and reducing frustration.

Enhanced Compliance

Complying with regulations like ISO27001, DORA, and PCI DSS can be a challenge. Password managers offer features like user access reports and permission monitoring, simplifying the audit process.

Team Password Vaults

Securely share login credentials with colleagues for seamless teamwork on projects. Password managers provide granular access controls to ensure information is only accessible to authorized personnel.

Improved Productivity

Stop wasting time resetting forgotten passwords. Password managers eliminate this hassle, allowing employees to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Centralised Management

Manage all your business passwords from a single platform. Password managers provide IT admins with a centralised hub for adding, removing, and monitoring user access, improving overall security posture.

Find out how Keeper Password Manager works hard for Compliance

Keeper Compliance Reports provide on-demand visibility of
access permissions to your organization’s credentials and secrets,
in a zero-trust and zero-knowledge security environment

Benefits of Keeper Password Manager for Compliance:

  • Generate on-demand auditing
  • Payment card access
  • Financial Services Investigations
  • Specific record level searches
  • User Record Permissions Reconciliation
  • Cloud Access Monitoring
  • User Decommissioning
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Other Features Include:

Monitor Stolen Credentials

BreachWatch® by Keeperscans employees’ Keeper vaults for passwords that have been exposed on the dark web from a public data breach and notifies the user to take action. It also informs the administrator whether that employee has resolved the exposure password or ignored it.

Security Audit Score and Reporting

Keeper provides password security visibility with robust reporting and auditing tools to enforce internal controls and maintain compliance standards.

Includes Admin Console

Distributes, manages and monitors across the entire organisation and enforces password security, 2FA and other data security policies.

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