Cyber Security for SMEs: Why You Need It

Cyber-attacks on Irish SMEs continue to increase, with half of them experiencing an attack since 2020 (Microsoft & Vodafone). Cyber security is becoming increasingly important as hackers become more sophisticated and the attacks become more frequent. Hackers are constantly looking for ways to gain access to sensitive information, which could lead to financial losses, data breaches, disruption to business and reputational problems.

Cyber Security Solution for Small Businesses

As cyber security threats are at an all-time high, just having Anti-Virus in place is no longer sufficient in protecting your business. Cybersecurity is not only about keeping hackers out; it’s also about keeping your data safe. It’s important to understand how your company uses information and who has access to it. This will help you determine which cybersecurity solutions are right for your organisation. Overall, investing in cybersecurity is an important way for small businesses to protect themselves, their customers, and their bottom line.

What is Business Secure?

Business Secure from CommSec is Ireland’s first monitored cyber security service aimed at small businesses. It is designed to the meet the needs of all businesses who may not have either the resources or technical knowledge to implement the latest cyber security measures and controls. What is unique about our service is that it offers enterprise-level protection to smaller businesses, at an affordable monthly package.

From our News section:

CommSec’s Business Secure service won the Best Innovation in Business at the Fingal Business Awards 2022. 

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Benefits of business secure


Comprehensive cyber security protection from cyber threats and vulnerabilities across your network, devices, and people – fully managed service by CommSec

Protect multiple devices

Protect up to 3 devices per user (e.g. PC, tablet and smartphone) all for an affordable monthly or annual cost– scale up and down the number of users as you need to

security helpdesk

Access to CommSec’s Security Operations Helpdesk for security related queries and suspicious email activity


Easy and fast deployment – you will be fully protected within 2 working days via remote connection. Add / remove users as you need to easily.

cyber insurance

Gives you the best protection for your business and mitigates the risk left over from most cyber insurance policies (i.e. loss of funds or revenue due to ransomware, malware and business email compromise)

SAVE Money & excellent roi

Excellent ROI when compared to the cost of a cyber-attack, downtime, and the reputational damage caused over the long term. Save with affordable monthly payments.

Video: Business Secure – Effective Cyber Security for SMEs

Business Secure Testimonials

Option 1 – Monthly

Monthly Plan

€50 per month / per user

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Option 2 – Save 2 Months!

Annual Plan

€500 per annum / per user

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Option 3 Small Enterprise

Bespoke Plan

Tailored plan to suit your needs & budget

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Cyber Security for Modern Workplaces

Business Secure is ideal for businesses:

  • who hold sensitive customer data
  • do not have a dedicated IT security resource
  • are linked in the supply chain to larger organisations
  • staff that may have BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or remote workers
  • worried about their ability to defend against a cyber-attack

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