CommSec partner with Cyber Risk Aware to deliver security awareness training programs to users.

CommSec are the Irish managed services partner for the Cyber Risk Aware suite of user security awareness training products.

The primary services are for detecting Phising and making users so aware of these threats, that they effectively become a “Human Firewall” and become your first line of defence against cyber crime.

The main product to deliver this service is Phish Maestro.


  • Recreate any phishing attack including ransomware, BEC, wire fraud, CEO fraud.
  • Phishing tests with links, attachments and Fake log-in pages
  • Simulate phishing attacks impersonating internal email addresses.
  • Avoid users tipping each other off using burst mode which sends multiple templates in one campaign.
  • Phishing tests that auto-enrolls in training.
  • Every user interaction fully recorded for reporting.
  • Identify repeat offenders, high-risk departments or locations.
  • Identify geo-location, operating system and browser edition.

Cyber Risk Aware, Dublin , Ireland, is an award winning Cyber Security Awareness Platform and the only provider in the world that can deliver a “Real-Time” behaviour driven security awareness program to staff. Unlike all other providers who can only deliver content on a schedule, we deliver awareness messaging straight to the user in their exact moment of need, when they don’t even realise they are taking a risk.

Cyber criminals are actively targeting people rather than systems as they see people as the weakest link. Ransomware, Data Breaches, Financial Fraud and Reputation damage all occur owing to cyber criminals tricking staff through social engineering.

We see staff as being the greatest security asset in every organisation. We help clients measure the level of Human Cyber Risk in their business and mitigate this risk by raising staff awareness and enabling clients to meet their compliance obligations (e.g. GDPR, NY DFS, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ASD4) and security accreditations (e.g. ISO27001, NIST, COBIT ) through comprehensive reporting.

Cyber Risk Aware industry-leading and GCHQ, NCSC accredited training content and unique real time capability, automatically educates employees on an ongoing basis, leading to long term behavioral change and the creation of the most effective Human Firewall.

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