Secure your Network With Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Identify and Remediate Vulnerabilities Before They Become Security Risks

Cyber threats don’t stand still. So, it is crucial to conduct regular vulnerability assessments to identify and address potential security weaknesses before they can be exploited by cyber criminals.

Key Benefits of CheckScan+:

  • Powered by Experienced Pen Testers: Our team of certified penetration testers ensures that your vulnerability scans are conducted with the highest level of accuracy and expertise.
  • Best-in-class Scanning Engine: Our cutting-edge scanning engine meticulously tests your web applications and infrastructure for vulnerabilities, ensuring that you are fully protected.
  • Regular Automated Scans: We schedule regular automated scans, and ad-hoc scans, to identify new vulnerabilities as soon as they emerge, providing you with ongoing protection.
  • Verified Vulnerabilities: Our team of experts verifies the accuracy of all vulnerabilities before reporting them to you, ensuring that you are only informed of genuine threats.
  • Actionable Reports: Our detailed reports clearly outline the identified vulnerabilities, providing you with actionable steps to remediate them. No more false positives!
  • Helps Continuous Improvement and Compliance Goals: By conducting regular vulnerability scans, you can continuously improve your security posture and meet compliance requirements.

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