Introducing Skurio Digital Risk Protection

Would you know if your company’s data was for sale on the Dark Web?

Digital transformation is increasing digital risk, along with the number and types of data breaches too. Your data no longer resides inside your network, it’s distributed across your supply chain. Even though it’s no longer under your control, you are still responsible for it.
To address this, make one simple change to your cybersecurity strategy – start looking outside your network for your data. The Skurio Digital Risk Protection platform combines automated, round-the-clock monitoring of the surface, deep and Dark Web with powerful analytics capabilities for cyber threat intelligence. Skurio can help you to reduce your risk, detect breaches sooner, and act faster to mitigate the impact.

Watch this video for a quick introduction to Digital Risk Protection

Watch this video for a quick introduction to Digital Risk Protection

Summary of benefits:

  • Safely reveal threats to your data and your business
  • Cybersecurity that looks outside your network
  • Affordable pricing whatever the size of your organisation
  • Many use cases, including Phishing, Typosquatting and Account Takeover
  • No specialist skills required, it’s web-based and fast to deploy
  • Easy to integrate with existing SOC and SIEM systems

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