Achieving and maintaining compliance with industry specific data security standards and general compliance standards like GDPR, can place an additional burden on your business. However, remaining compliant with data protection laws and best practises is essential for any organisation.

CommSec offer a broad range of services which help you achieve security and data protection compliance. We can work with you no matter where you are on the journey to achieving compliance.

Scenario 1

You may already have achieved some compliance or quality standards and you need to build on that to meet new obligations or meet more sophisticated threats to your business.

Scenario 2

On the other hand, you may have very little in-house knowledge around security and compliance. In that case we can provide you with a fully managed program of building the systems and processes in your business to become compliant with GDPR and other regulations that may affect you, such as PCI DSS.

To become compliant – we need to look at your entire business and how it manages data. IT security is only one part of this process. We look at all the information assets in your business – what security technology and data protection processes if any, you have in place, then perform a standards-based risk evaluation and gap analysis.

The outcome of this risk assessment is that we get a clear picture of where your major risk areas and vulnerabilities are.

Then we can design a solution around business processes and technology, to achieve compliance with security standards and GDPR.

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) as a Service

This is a great option for when there isn’t a full-time requirement for a CISO. Our CISO as a Service gives you access to a very experienced CISO on a long-term continuous basis, but at a level of engagement you can afford. The flexibility of the service means you can pay for what you need to meet your requirements at different times.

CommSec offer a broad range of services in relation to Data Protection. Many of our customers start with a comprehensive Data Protection Impact Assessment, conducted by one of our highly experienced Data Protection Consultants. The written report that follows provides a framework for continuously improving your Data Protection posture, including compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).