Why conduct a secure code review?

CommSec are a next generation IT security services provider in Ireland.

Our comprehensive suite of managed information and cyber security services includes secure code review and remediation.

A secure code review can identify and verify security issues that were overseen in the development stage.

Our secure code review looks at the vectors that an attacker might leverage to conduct an exploit against your application.

As more applications move to the Cloud and the deployment process of applications speed up, many vulnerabilities may exist inside your code.

An undiscovered vulnerability may be present and could lead to an attacker injecting their own code or gaining unauthorised access to harvest and steal sensitive data. This may impact your business from legal fines imposed by GDPR penalties or loss of revenue through brand damage.

Penetration Testing

Our Security Testers use the following methodology to conduct each code review:

Preparation & Threat Modelling

Our expert security testers identify all vectors of the application and create threat models to determine entry points an attacker might use to exploit vulnerabilities.

Code Analysis

Code analysis is performed by our security testers both static and dynamically.


Our reports contain an executive summary of the findings and detail descriptions of each vulnerability.

Findings & Remediation Details

Our security testers can provide remediation steps and advice.

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