Maximise Your Firewall’s Potential with Threat Intelligence: Unlock Untapped Security Capabilities

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, safeguarding your organisation’s critical assets and sensitive data has never been more crucial. Threater Enforcer protects your network with innovative solutions: streamline log management, bolster threat intelligence capabilities, optimise bandwidth utilisation on your firewall, and significantly reduce the risk of cyber attacks – all while maximising cost efficiency. 

Threater Enforcer Benefits include:

Protect your Network

Integrate the world’s best third-party cyber intelligence (10 million+ datapoints) with your own data sources to optimise your blocking parameters and boost the performance of your firewall.

Autonomous Threat Blocking

Utilise 50+ Cyber Intelligence feeds to automatically block known threat actors at line speed. Feeds include: Microsoft, Talor, Proofpoint, Webroot and more.

Real-Time Insights

Reduce network traffic and empower your team with real-time insights into network activities.

Quick Deployment

Deploy Threater Enforcer in just 30 minutes and start protecting your network instantly, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

Seamless Cloud Integration

 Benefit from vendor-specific deployment templates for quick and efficient cloud setup. Enforcer automatically blocks traffic to and from known threats across all ports and protocols.

Maximize your Firewall

By blocking malicious traffic, Enforcer decreases the load on your network, reducing bandwidth costs within your firewall.

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How Threater Enforcer Works


Enhance your security team and technologies

The internet is a hostile environment. Hackers are not only sending large amounts of encrypted traffic but also using “back door” entrances to the network such as stolen passwords, phishing, and other means.

Right now security teams and technologies are bogged down with redundant alerts and unnecessary triaging of known-bad traffic.

By removing this traffic going to and from known threat actors, Enforcer eliminates up to 30-50% of internet traffic. This allows your teams and technologies to focus on the unknown instead of wasting their time and resources on known-bad traffic.

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Threat Intelligence Platform

Threater Collect.  A free centralised SaaS solution to aggregate all of your threat intelligence in one place

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  1. What benefits does Enforcer offer?
    It reduces network traffic and provides real-time insights about network activities.
  2. What does Enforcer do once installed?
    It autonomously blocks traffic to and from known threat actors on every port and protocol.
  3. How quickly can Enforcer be deployed?
    Threater Enforcer can be deployed in approximately 30 minutes.
  4. Is Enforcer compatible with cloud deployments?
    Yes, it provides vendor-specific deployment and installation templates for cloud environments.
  5. What is Threater Cyber Marketplace?
    It is a platform that allows access to third-party cyber intelligence and services to enhance your own feeds and data sources.

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