CheckScan+ is a Vulnerability Scanning Service

CheckScan+ is a vulnerability scanning and testing service, which is fully scalable across all environments.

Our platform delivers verified and accurate reporting of each vulnerability found with the support from our security consultants (qualified and experienced SOC Analysts and Pen Testers) eliminating potential false positives from vulnerability scan results.

  • Best in class scanning engine that tests web applications & infrastructure
  • Regular automated vulnerability scans
  • Verified vulnerabilities
  • Actionable reports
  • Leads to continuous security improvement

What is Vulnerability Scanning?

Vulnerability scanning is the process of exposing flaws in websites, programs, networks and cloud infrastructures through an automated process that outlines the potential risks and vulnerabilities. CheckScan+ provides a complete vulnerability scanning solution to ensure security across your platforms.

CheckScan+ Tests the following for Vulnerabilities:

  • External Websites
  • External Infrastructure – Web Servers / IP addresses
  • Internal Web Applications – UAT / Development Environments
  • Internal Infrastructure – Internal IP addresses, hardware etc

checkscan plus dashboard and scanner

Web Application Scanner Features

  • Discover zero days, plus 100,000+ known security flaws (CVEs), plus full OWASP vulnerability coverage including injection, XSS, RCE and more…
  • Intelligent and versatile configuration means you can launch scans in seconds
  • Save time with a practical workflow management system
  • Thoroughly scan and test your APIs including WSDL, Swagger and Graph QL end points for security flaws
  • Conduct checks throughout the application life cycle, from development to production
  • Compatible with Jira and TeamCity, as well as other development tools
  • Crawls modern complex applications such as SPAs
  • Flex key user journeys and complete multi-stage authentication via a scriptable browser interface

Web scanner features

CheckScan+ Vulnerability Testing Process

  1. Discover – Detect Vulnerabilities
  2. Prioritize – CVSS Assigned
  3. Assess – Analyse Results
  4. Validation – We Validate Vulnerabilities Manually
  5. Report – PDF/CSV (year/quarter/month/week)
  6. Remediate – Remediation Advice

checkscan process

Benefits of Vulnerability Scanning Service:

  • Full management of the scanning process including scheduling, configuration and management
  • Full access to unlimited CheckScan+ scans
  • Removal of false positives by our security analyst team
  • Pre-defined scan templates
  • Basic GoScript writing support if required
  • Technical support from our Security Analysts
  • In depth explanation of results, high-quality, detailed reports

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