CommSec provide a fully managed security operations centre (SOC) as a service to our clients, based on world leading technology from AT&T Cyber Security.

Most businesses;

  • Lack the in-house capabilities required to keep pace with changing business demands, compliance mandates, and emerging threats for strategic implementation of new IT security solutions.
  • Don’t have the capabilities to effectively monitor and manage the security infrastructure to ensure optimal utilization of current assets.
  • In-house IT staff spend far too much time on day- to-day operational security issues versus new strategic projects.
  • Depend on IT security tools and processes that provide a reactive, rather than proactive, approach to mitigating risk and minimizing data loss and downtime.

A SOC-as-a-Service helps you sleep better. We provide monitoring of your network and we review your network’s activity and detect anomalies.

We have trained certified cybersecurity engineers who can assess those anomalies and immediately alert you if something is amiss. You benefit from our ability to use cutting edge tools, including machine learning/Artificial Intelligence, and our ability to stay on top of security trends, and from our security team’s expertise and experience. And you get this at a fraction of the cost you’d pay if you were to hire and build all the SOC elements yourself.

You don’t have the staff retention worries, the training costs, the purchase of bespoke tools and the maintenance of these tools. You have 24-7 monitoring and alerting with reviews of logs 8am – 6pm Mon- Fri.

  • We will investigate alerts using the latest techniques and alert you to any threats.
  • We can help you to remediate any issues and provide advice on how to prevent these issues from occurring
  • We believe in a People-Process -Technology approach – all three are needed to provide a quality service to our customers

Our SOC as a Service is powered by Alien Vault’s Unified Security Management suite.

This involves the discovery of assets in your estate, we then provide continuous vulnerability assessments, intrusion detection and behavioural monitoring with a full Security Incident Event Management (SIEM). This includes Glacial Storage which is the untampered evidence that will stand up in a court of law should you wish to prosecute offenders.

All of this is supported by Alien Vault Labs Threat Intelligence OTX – Open Threat Exchange. The benefit of this is as soon as a threat is detected in another customer site, the Labs get updated immediately and this is then available to all customers of the service giving real time updates to the latest threats.

Threat Hunting “Be the hunter not the hunted”

Threat Hunting is the process carried to actively seek out threats on a network and identify malicious actors lurking on your network . . .read more