CommSec Announces Partnership with Skurio

CommSec selects Skurio to detect and alert its customers to data breaches on the Dark Web with its SOC-as-a-Service offering

The latest news reflects the trend of a growing number of Irish companies using specialist cybersecurity providers to combat the surge in cybercriminal activities.

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) company CommSec has appointed Skurio, the Digital Risk Protection company, to enhance its suite of managed cybersecurity offerings to its customers. Skurio’s Digital Risk Protection platform will be integrated into the CommSec Security Operations Centre (SOC) service, which delivers an integrated suite of cyber security solutions including SIEM and managed detection and response. Using industry-leading technology, the CommSec SOC team monitors IT networks and infrastructures, reviews activity and traffic, and detects anomalies. This is a highly specialised area which most IT departments don’t have the capability or time to address. The benefits of SOC-as-a Service include the ability to remain abreast of the latest security issues and threats with the CommSec’s SOC teams’ expertise and experience.

Skurio’s cybersecurity solution will extend their monitoring to outside the network to identify potential cyber threats and detect data leaks across their customers’ digital supply chains. With round-the-clock, automated, surface, deep, and Dark Web monitoring for their data, instant alerts will enable them to act quickly to prevent attacks and mitigate risks.

Skurio’s Global Channel Sales Director Sophia Anastasi said: “We are delighted to have been chosen by CommSec as the solution to protect their customers from digital risk. CommSec is an innovator in managed cybersecurity services market and will help us to drive growth in Ireland. Adding Skurio’s automated Digital Risk Protection solution to their portfolio demonstrates how innovative they are in expanding their proactive services beyond traditional security methods to deliver real cyber resilience to their customers.”
She adds, “More and more customers are choosing to partner with specialist managed security service (MSSP) providers like CommSec. Outsourcing this type of specialist monitoring and remediation and integrating it into a SOC is a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to managing it internally for many organisations.

“We are excited to have Skurio’s solution integrated with our SOC service”, commented John Killilea, Technical Director of CommSec, “and believe this partnership will help our customers to respond to and overcome the ever-present and evolving risks of cyber threats”.
He adds. “Since the pandemic hit, some of our customers have been forced to pivot to hybrid and remote working IT environments and with that comes more moving parts to manage and secure. When you add the huge surge in threats like ransomware and business email compromise, the risk level of data breaches for businesses has never been so high. Our SOC-as-a-Service provides an additional layer of protection for our customers so they can continue with their business success”.

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