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Are you on the Naughty, Nice or Breach list this Christmas?

A Christmas breach Santa’s list has just been stolen! A list of all the children’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – Name, Address, details of good behaviour, best-friend facts, desired toys, and Santa’s favourite treat. Bad news for Santa, who is now looking at GDPR fines, and bad news for the millions of kids who don’t […]

Cyber Security Tips for Black Friday Weekend

2021 has been another strange year. Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our everyday lives – particularly the way we celebrate the festive season. As a SOC Analyst at CommSec, my mind goes to helping people stay safe online this Black Friday Weekend. Just as the decorations seem to go up earlier and earlier […]

So You Clicked On A Phishing Link – Now what?

“November & December” is the time where many vendors promote their products with offers as well as the time for baiting into suspicious promotion links (phishing emails). Most of us have learned to predict and report the phishing emails. But it is also important to know what we should do when we accidentally click on […]