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Are you being hacked through WiFi networks?

Criminals use insecure WiFi to steal passwords and put viruses and spyware on your device. WiFi has been around for 22 years. That’s long enough that millions of people can’t remember a time without it. They surf the internet from the comfort of their local coffee shop, blissfully cord-free, unaware that things were ever any […]

Why you should stay on guard against mobile phishers

You might spot a phishing email on your computer, but it’s much harder on your phone. Why is mobile phishing so successful, and how can you stay safe? Imagine this: A text message arrives on your smartphone. It’s from Netflix, warning you that your account will be locked because your payment has been declined. There’s […]

Demystifying mobile security

Your one-stop guide to mobile security acronyms and how the solutions fit together The tech industry loves acronyms. Analyst firms thrive by defining new ones to describe complex product subcategories. It can be difficult for customers to keep up, especially in a fast-evolving space like mobile device security. Understanding mobile security acronyms has never been […]