Outsourcing Your Cyber Security

Outsourcing the IT and cyber security for your organisation is an excellent way to save money and time, as well as overcome a very significant and growing cybersecurity skills gap. Outsourced Cyber Security programs can help reduce the burden on you in terms of cybersecurity, taking technical responsibilities out of your hands. Outsourced cybersecurity can address not just any resource management issues, but also shift your security strategy from reactive responses to proactive mitigation. Outsourced cybersecurity solutions (i.e., managed security services) are fully managed security solutions that exist outside of your organisation, coordinating with your company to mitigate risks through monitoring, detection, prevention, and 24/7 mitigation.

Around The Clock Security

Outsourcing security operations to outside providers helps organisations maintain the security of their systems, even beyond normal working hours. Outsourcing allows the organisation to offload the onus of providing security analysts and other workers to managed service providers, allowing internal employees to focus on more strategic work. Compared with internal Sec-Ops, which requires significant capital investment and hiring costs, outsourcing helps organisations get high-grade security to systems for a fraction of the cost. Outsourcing some security operations, such as network monitoring, or an entire SOC to a provider who provides managed security services could offer cost efficiency.

Cost-Effective Security Team

To help address some of the challenges in protecting assets, organisations are turning to managed security service providers (MSSPs) and other vendors for outsourcing various security functions. Access to qualified people is the reason why an increasing number of companies are turning to specialized services for outsourcing cybersecurity management, allowing them to get quality services that will ensure they remain safe, as well as saving time and money. Instead of hiring a team of security analysts, conducting training, dealing with turnover, and installing various security solutions, you can turn to a trusted cybersecurity firm at a fraction of the cost.

Differences Between An MSP And MSSP

Obviously its an extra S but while MSPs and MSSPs both provide third-party services to businesses; their focus is very different. An MSP delivers network, application, database and other general IT support and services while an MSSP tends to be 100% focused on providing cybersecurity services. While MSSPs provide incident response planning and services, an MSP is more reactive – they are called in when something happens. To effectively provide network support, an MSP uses an IT Helpdesk, which manages network-related incidents and alerts to reduce downtime.

MSSPs typically have a high-availability security operations centre (SOC) which continuously manages and monitors system and data security for its clients. The SOC team monitor IT network logs via a SIEM (Security information and event management) for high potential risks and events. The SOC team respond in real time – making this service a proactive approach to cyber security.

Many MSPs partner and contract with MSSPs that offer specific security services, including managed detection and response, intrusion detection and prevention, incident planning and management, and more.

Access To Cyber Security Expertise

Fortunately, cybersecurity outsourcing companies like CommSec can offer small-to-medium businesses a convenient, tiered solution with a skilled team of cyber security professionals. You may be thinking outsourcing work would be more expensive than finding a way to do it internally, however, when it comes to protecting important information on a network of devices, outsourcing to a cybersecurity firm is the right move. By outsourcing your needs to a cybersecurity services provider, your specialised activity can receive the attention it deserves, while also having access to a broad array of experts, which is not realistic if you are dealing with cybersecurity internally.
Having an outsourcing service means that you can put your faith in dedicated, experienced cybersecurity professionals that are trained and experienced to handle these types of issues. All the incredibly critical technical components that help to ensure that your company is secure and protected from threats can be immediately outsourced to professionals. Outsourcing to a dedicated security provider takes a lot of pressure off your business data protection, and it gives peace of mind knowing that you have a robust team of professionals that is prepared to defend you from cyber threats.

Stay Ahead Of Vulnerabilities

Organisations who outsource part of their cybersecurity needs may enjoy flexibility in quickly adapting to and staying safe. The difficulty in dealing with cybersecurity-related issues, such as staying ahead of vulnerabilities, identifying, and responding to threats, and complying with compliance requirements, means a large number of organisations opt to outsource their security requirements. If you partner with an independent partner to manage your review and audit processes, including outsourcing your cyber security monitoring, you can expect a more effective service.

In a Nutshell

Outsourcing your cybersecurity will help you get past the difficulties involved with managing the technology, providing help in selecting the technologies and making sure that tools are deployed, integrated, and monitored as efficiently as possible.

Identifying The Right Outsourced Security Partner

Outsourcing cyber security can be a daunting prospect but finding the right partner will overcome any concerns. At CommSec, we offer a range of cyber security solutions to help support your security goals, including MSOC+ our Managed Detection and Response service, CheckScan+ our vulnerability management service and our Penetration Testing services. Our highly trained security analysts work as an extension of your in-house team to deliver the support, guidance and actionable outcomes needed to better protect what’s important to you. As remote and hybrid working continues to be the norm, we will work with you closely to fully understand your needs and ensure your security keeps pace with the evolving threat landscape.

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