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The Game has Changed – Strengthen Your Cyber Security with SOC

In the words of Yeats, the state of cyber security in Ireland has “all changed, changed utterly”. The attack on our HSE was a national wake-up call to the potential of cybercrime and to the destruction it can cause. Specifically, the phrase “ransomware attack” now carries the weight of fear and uncertainty for many Irish […]

Demystifying mobile security

Your one-stop guide to mobile security acronyms and how the solutions fit together The tech industry loves acronyms. Analyst firms thrive by defining new ones to describe complex product subcategories. It can be difficult for customers to keep up, especially in a fast-evolving space like mobile device security. Understanding mobile security acronyms has never been […]

Mobile Security and GDPR

If you access company info on your phone, you need think about GDPR GDPR applies to personal data and defines that term broadly. It includes everything from name and address through to age, email address, a customer number, and even IP addresses.  If your employees access any of that information on a mobile device, perhaps via a […]

Are employee phones leaking your customer data?

A data breach can cost your organisation heavily in fines, reputation, lost customers. MTD protects your remote workforce from data theft and loss. You have anti-virus on every work computer and laptop. You don’t share customer details. You may think you have PII (personally identifiable information) locked down tight in your organisation, but there’s a […]

6 reasons why cybercriminals want to target your smartphone

The data is in, and it doesn’t look good: mobile devices are a primary target for online criminals. Checkpoint’s Mobile Security Report 2021 found that 97% of organizations are facing mobile threats that originated in multiple vectors including applications, networks, devices, and OS vulnerabilities. The question is, why are intruders so focused on what’s in your pocket? […]

So what is MFA all about?

MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) or 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) is a simple yet effective way of improving the security of application services by adding another means of checking your identity when logging in. The trouble with passwords as the sole means of authentication is that even while a password may be secure in that it […]

Setting a standard

“The nice thing about standards is that you have so many to choose from” – Andrew S. Tanenbaum. Standards, sensibly implemented, can be a boon for your business. They are a great way to set focus and ensure that you target resources where they need to be, boosting efficiency and ensuring that you don’t spend […]