CommSec Partners with Threater to Deliver Enhanced Network Security

Partnership CommSec and Threater

CommSec, a leading provider of managed cyber security services, today announced a strategic partnership with Threater, a pioneering cybersecurity company, to offer its customers the most advanced and comprehensive network security solutions available. By integrating Threater’s innovative Enforcer platform into its service offerings, CommSec is further solidifying its commitment to providing customers with the best possible protection against evolving cyber threats.

Threat Defense Platform

Threater’s Enforce is a next-generation threat defense platform that utilizes a unique approach to identify and block malicious traffic and network threats that traditional firewalls may miss. Enforce leverages real-time threat intelligence and advanced analytics to detect and prevent sophisticated attacks, including malware, ransomware, and botnets.

We are delighted to partner with Threater and offer Enforce to our valued customers,” said David McNamara, CEO of CommSec. “Ensuring their networks are safe and secure is our top priority, and Threater’s cutting-edge solution perfectly aligns with our ethos to provide industry-leading cyber security solutions. Integrating Enforce into your network security strengthens the ability to proactively identify and eliminate malicious threats before they can cause damage.

A Powerful Partnership

CommSec has a rigorous process for vetting new vendors and technologies before offering them to its customers. Through extensive internal testing and evaluation, the company ensures that all solutions meet its high standards for performance, security, and reliability.

We are excited to collaborate with CommSec and help them deliver unparalleled security solutions to their clients,” said Brian McMahon, CEO of Threater. “Threater Enforce, combined with CommSec’s expertise in managed services, creates a powerful combination that addresses the ever-increasing challenges of the cyber security landscape.”

Key benefits of the partnership:

  • Enhanced Threat Detection and Blocking:¬†Threater’s Enforcer platform detects and blocks advanced threats that bypass traditional firewalls, providing an additional layer of security for clients.
  • Proactive Threat Intelligence: Enforcer leverages real-time threat intelligence to stay ahead of emerging threats and protect clients from the latest attacks.
  • Managed Security Expertise: CommSec offers expert managed security services to ensure the optimal configuration, monitoring, and maintenance of Enforcer, maximising its effectiveness.
  • Rigorous Testing and Evaluation: Before offering Enforcer to clients, CommSec conducts thorough internal testing to ensure its reliability and performance.

See Enforce in action. Request your free demo today and witness how this powerful platform can block network threats.

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