CommSec Announces Strategic Partnership with Orpheus for Enhanced Cyber Threat Intelligence

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CommSec, a leading provider of managed cyber security services and solutions, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Orpheus, one of a few UK-government accredited cyber threat intelligence companies. This collaboration will enable them to offer their customers unparalleled visibility of their attack surface, cyber risk ratings as well as advanced threat intelligence, and an automated approach to risk-based vulnerability management.


Orpheus’ esteemed accreditation as a provider of threat intelligence for Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) organisations in the UK underscores their commitment to delivering top-tier cybersecurity solutions. Their extensive experience and trusted reputation have made them the go-to choice for major organisations worldwide seeking comprehensive insights into the cyber threats they face.


As part of this partnership, CommSec will leverage Orpheus’ powerful and award-winning technologies to collect vast volumes of cyber risk data. This valuable information will be processed using state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques and analysed by Orpheus’ highly skilled team. By harnessing this intelligence, we will empower their customers to proactively identify and mitigate cyber risks before they materialise, reinforcing their defence against evolving threats.


By incorporating Orpheus’ solutions into its existing portfolio, CommSec will equip its customers with enhanced capabilities to navigate the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. Key benefits of this partnership include:


  • Threat Intelligence: By leveraging machine learning and expert analysts, Orpheus delivers processed intelligence, tailored to customers’ needs at scale which is predictive and actionable. Their platform transforms data into actionable insights, providing a comprehensive understanding of adversaries’ intent and capability. With expert analyst support and intelligence summaries, organisations can get ahead of would-be attackers to swiftly identify and respond to unknown threats, minimising the impact on their business.
  • Attack Surface Risk Management: By using machine learning, Orpheus combines a business’s attack surface with the threat landscape. This gives businesses a view, not only of their attack surface, vulnerabilities and attack vectors but also highlights key adversaries who may look to exploit their attack surface, when and with what methods. At a glance, businesses can get a unique, quantified, risk-based view of their attack surface as well as identifying other digital risks such as DarkWeb chatter, typosquatting or breached credentials which could compromise their security or damage their brand.
  • Cyber Risk Ratings: Providing threat-intelligence enriched cyber risk ratings, Orpheus offers a more accurate assessment of an organisation’s risk level based on threats, vulnerabilities, and the likelihood of exploitation. Their platform enables active management of third-party risk scores, leading to lower associated costs by monitoring and addressing unresolved issues.
  • Supplier Risk Management: Combining threat intelligence and attack surface assessment, the Orpheus platform provides a continuous and dynamic view of supply chain risk. The central dashboard highlights the biggest threats faced by your supply chain as well as identifies which suppliers are most at risk of a potential breach and why. Easy methods of communicating this risk with the supply chain allow for collaboration so that this risk is not just visible but actively managed and reduced. The platform requires no input from third parties, making setup quick, and clients can review cyber risks within hours. Continuous monitoring reduces risks compared to periodic reviews, and detailed scores enable active risk mitigation with suppliers.


Speaking on the partnership, CommSec CEO David McNamara comments, “in an increasingly interconnected world, the risk of cyber-attacks is a paramount concern for organisations of all sizes. While the benefits of digital transformation and innovation are undeniable, they also expose businesses to new vulnerabilities. By partnering with Orpheus, CommSec reaffirms our commitment to helping our customers mitigate the risks associated with cyber-attacks, supply chains and safeguard their critical assets.”


He adds, “The partnership with Orpheus represents a significant innovation for CommSec as we continue to expand our portfolio of innovative cybersecurity solutions. Together, we will deliver world-class threat intelligence services that enable organisations to proactively protect themselves against emerging cyber threats and enhance their cybersecurity defences.”


Jakob Samuel, Sales Manager at Orpheus, comments, “I am delighted to announce the partnership between Orpheus and CommSec. This collaboration brings together our expertise in cyber threat intelligence with CommSec’s experience and professional services in cyber security and risk management. We couldn’t have chosen a better partner to support our launch into the Irish market and together, we are committed to helping Irish companies take proactive measures to protect themselves against cyber-attacks. By combining our strengths, we will deliver comprehensive solutions that effectively mitigate risks and foster a secure digital environment for businesses in Ireland.”

Commsec Opheus Partnership

(L-R) Jakob Samuel – Orpheus, Aline Duarte – CommSec, and Joe Montgomery – CommSec. 

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