Cybersecurity Focus Special Report from The Irish Times

In Cybersecurity Focus special report, the Irish Times, CommSec and others look at how everyone is at risk from cyber attack and businesses need to make sure they have adequate defences in place. What technology is out there? How important is staff training? How should a business react if it is attacked? And is it ever a good idea to negotiate with cybercriminals?

Report #1: Open for negotiation

Is it right in any circumstances to negotiate with cybercriminals and pay a ransom? Read more

Report #2: Everyone at risk from cybercrime

Like most criminal activities, if you look at where the money is, then you can be assured those organisations will be on the watch list of criminals Read more

Report #3: No size too small: Cybercriminals favouring smaller businesses in ransomware attacks

While gold standard cyber defences may be beyond the reach of many SMEs, there are some simple steps they can take to protect themselves and deter criminals Read more

Report #4: Bringing in the professionals to deal with a crisis

The first thing companies need to do is ascertain that it is actually a crisis and not a blip Read more

Report #5: Security policies need to be reviewed

Cybersecurity can seem overwhelming to small and medium-sized businesses Read more