Cyber Risk Aware and CommSec – Exclusive Partnership Announced

Offering clients a fully managed service for their cyber security needs

2 April 2020  – Cyber Risk Aware, the only company in the world to offer a ‘real-time’ cyber security awareness training platform with education, human cyber risk assessment and phishing simulation solutions; is excited to announce a partnership with CommSec, an experienced managed service provider, that monitors entire IT networks and all the devices within it.

“Cyber Risk Aware and CommSec understand the importance of both human defences and technical support to protect companies from cyber threats. We also appreciate a business has limitations on time, people and money. Together, we bring in an integrated solution that offers a fully managed service for our security training platform, leading the way with an accessible, innovative and cost effective approach to cyber security.” Stephen Burke – CEO and Co-Founder Cyber Risk Aware.

David McNamara, MD of CommSec and Stephen Burke, MD of Cyber Risk Aware

Despite numerous data breach headlines, companies are still not putting basic practices in place. Over 90% of cyber attacks are caused by human error. All too often, companies invest in their technical infrastructure, but the most technically robust of networks can still be undone by an absent-minded click on a phishing email. Every computer and every communications device, is an open door to a criminal. At the moment, untrained employees are not only opening the door – they are propping it open and inviting them in.

Cyber Risk Aware’s partnership with CommSec brings together a united defence against cybercrime, offering a multifaceted partnership whereby Cyber Risk Aware’s preventative training systems are being implemented and managed through CommSec.

David McNamara, MD of CommSec said; “We are delighted to partner with Cyber Risk Aware as their Irish market managed services provider. CommSec’s mission is to be the most innovative and trusted IT security provider in Ireland. The addition of Cyber Risk Aware to our portfolio of security solutions keeps us at the forefront of delivering brilliant new innovations to our customers.”

Cyber Risk Aware’s “real-time” intervention staff awareness training, delivers the right message to the right user at the exact time of need. Partnering with CommSec brings an added level of service and expertise within the cyber security realm, offering prevention, training and support. This partnership was created to compliment each company’s strengths, and fortify clients’ systems to help manage the ever rampant threat of cyber attacks. This partnership makes the process of cyber security highly efficient, cost effective and easy to implement.

About Cyber Risk Aware

Operating out of London, Dublin, Manchester and Donegal, Cyber Risk Aware is the only company in the world to offer real time cyber security awareness training.  Founded in 2016 by CEO Stephen Burke, its platform leads the industry helping companies worldwide assess the level of human cyber risk in their business, by running simulated phishing attacks and cyber knowledge assessments to see where the risks lie in their business (user, department, office, country).

Cyber Risk Aware also provides highly engaging and interactive cyber security Awareness Training content and enterprise risk and compliance reporting so companies can demonstrate and meet their legal and regulatory compliance requirements in protecting proprietary and personal data, systems and finances. Cyber Risk Aware is the first company in the world to achieve GCHQ accredited security awareness training by the Chartered Institute of Information Security.

Thousands of companies use Cyber Risk Aware to provide a front line of defence against cyber criminals, significantly reducing the material risk of employee error via phishing, ransomware, CEO Fraud and Malware attacks.