New Measures to Combat Cyber Crime

Since the beginning of the pandemic and the HSE ransomware attack, there has been a stark increase in phishing emails and ransomware attacks. Most of these threats start life as stolen credentials found in databases such as email addresses, passwords, locations, IP addresses, credit card numbers, that have been breached and traded on the Dark Web. Hackers can also trade stolen data on the surface and deep web on underground forums, chat rooms, social media platforms, and other websites. Hackers purchase the stolen credentials to compromise an organisation’s IT environment so that they can deploy malware, including the widespread ransomware attack where the criminals lock down your IT systems in return for payment.

But what if you could stop these attacks prior to the credentials being used? What if you could be alerted to your organisation’s data appearing on the dark web?

Luckily, we have partnered with Skurio, an innovative cybersecurity software company that helps customers protect themselves from digital risks by monitoring the surface, deep and Dark Web for breached data and gathering cyber threat intelligence about potential cyber-attacks. Once potential threats have been identified by the Digital Risk Protection platform, a log is sent to the CommSec SOC team, where the threat is assessed and remediated.

Commsec’s Technical Director John Killilea comments, “in these times of increased risks of cyber-attacks, people must consider taking proactive and additional security measures to mitigate the risk of an attack. Think of digital risk intelligence as an early warning system for potential cyber-attacks. Our SOC as a Service can act as a safety net for whatever sophisticated threats your organisation faces so the business isn’t impacted, and life goes on as normal”.

CommSec and Skurio are hosting an online educational event on May 5th to highlight the hidden threats of the Dark Web and how organisations can use cyber threat intelligence to stem cyber-attacks before they happen. Book your place here.